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Installing iLok Licensing Manager and Creating an iLok Account


Some software publishers use iLok to provide secure protection of their software. This includes software like Pro Tools, Vocalign and several others. To be able to use software that is iLok enabled you will need to create an iLok account to manage licenses from these software publishers. This guide will show you the process of downloading iLok Licensing Manager and creating an account.

1. Install iLok Licensing Manager

Go to


In the home page you will be able to see the available installers for your operating system.

Since we are using and Apple computer with macOS we will be using the macOS installer. Double click the link and it will begin to download the installer for iLok Licensing Manager.


When the download is complete double click on it to extract the Disk Image installer (.dmg).

Then double click that License Support .dmg installer.  This will bring up a pop up window.


In this pop up window you will be able to click on the License Support.pkg file to begin the installation.

Follow the instructions of the installer and you will have installed iLok License Manager.

You can close the installer and proceed to creating an account.


2. Create an iLok account


Now we need to create an iLok account so that we can manage our software licenses.

Launch iLok Licensing Manager either from your applications folder or Launch pad.

Click on Sign In

This prompt up window to sign in. Since we still need to create an account, we will click on ‘Create New Account’ from the sign in window.


This will redirected to the iLok webpage to create your account. Fill out any required fields and click Create account.

Tip: Make your userID be your email. 

iLok will send you a verification email to finalize account creation. If this email doesn't arrive in your inbox check your junk or spam folder. Once you have received the email follow to instructions to verify your account. You will be redirected to the iLok website with the message telling you that you have verified your account and it is now ready for use. 


Sign in to iLok Licensing Manager using the login information you just created on iLok website.


Now you can assign your activation codes or licenses to your iLok USB and use your iLok enabled software.


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